In the business heart of Northwest Madrid

Gran Hotel Las Rozas is a modern hotel that leads a new concept of comfort, elegance and service… A concept that combines the best of hotel tradition with the ability to present quality and efficiency to a clientele whose needs are everyday more demanding.

Where? In Las Rozas Business Centre, next to La Coruña A6 highway, a few minutes away from the centre of Madrid.

El Mirador de las Rozas

El Mirador de las Rozas

Are you getting married? Celebrate your wedding with us at El Mirador de Las Rozas… We take care of every detail and help you to prepare the wedding you’ve always dreamt of…

Congresses, business meetings, weddings, banquets… At Gran Hotel Las Rozas we put all the means within our reach at your disposal to guaranty the success of your event. To do this, we have a large professional experience as well as complete, modern facilities that can be adapted to the needs of every situation and client.

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Symbol of modernity

Símbolo de modernidad

Gran Hotel Las Rozas in Madrid was born united to a magnificent work of art, thought of for the Hotel, an exceptional and singular jewel created by the great master of contemporary sculpture, D. Juan de Ávalos.

“…The Goddess Fortune not only marks the course of the boat, but the sails and even the favorable wind for the boat to fly through the skies and seas, seeking in a faraway place what was always the object of her dreams. And some hands (strong, robust, almost divine) barely being felt, help the imaginary boat in its adventure so that it always finds the best port in the land which welcomes it… They are the hands of effort, of will, of perseverance, of honesty, of severity and of work…”